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Roof Safety For Homeowners

Roof Safety For Homeowners Should You Leave it To Roofing Professionals If you are asking yourself this question, then the answer is probably yes. It may seem like an easy thing to walk on a roof, but if you are not experienced with negotiating different pitches, and if there is any question at all about […]

Siding installation tips

1. Keys to a successful vinyl siding installation job. Allowing for Expansion and Contraction Vinyl siding contracts and expands as the outside temperature changes. To avoid structural or aesthetic problems associated with temperature fluctuation, take the following steps: Apply nails or other fasteners in the center of the nailing slot and make sure the fastener […]


10 ROOF MAINTENANCE TIPS EVERY HOMEOWNER CAN (AND SHOULD) FOLLOW For every home, there are two incredibly large aspects of the infrastructure that the rest of the house relies on to remain stable, safe, and comfortably self-contained. The first is the foundation, the concrete slab the house sits on, and the second is your roof. […]

Exterior Painting Tips and Techniques

Exterior Painting Tips and Techniques Paint faster and better using these brushing, rolling and cutting-in techniques A good exterior painting job will extend the life of your siding and trim and increase the value of your house. Learn the best techniques for applying paint quickly and thoroughly. Exterior House Paint Overview Top-quality brush Investing in […]